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Drama : Suck at Love(HK)

Suck at LoveBlack Bird Theatre –
《Suck At Love》(In Cantonese)

The Story
This is a love story between a girl and two men.

【She】will soon be thirty, determined leaving her lover

【he】, being a migratory bird flying across half the globe to find her past lover

【he】. The journey of questing the answer about “ what is love ?”

Playwright: Kwok Chui Yi
Director and Producer: Tang Sai Cheong
Performers : Mandy Yiu, Kwok Chui Yi, Or Ka Kee, Lau Chun Him, Benny Leung
Admin and Promotion Support: CMconcept

19-20 APR 2013 (Fri- Sat) 8pm
20-21 APR 2013 (Sat-Sun) 3pm
Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre (Theatre)

Ticket Price Regular $220, 160
Discount Half price for student/ elderly/ disabled/ CSSA

黑目鳥劇團– 《去你的愛情》(粵語演出)

我們的過去 我總跟你過不去 我們的將來 將永遠也不會來

故事 一個一人共鳴的三角愛情故事。



【他】。 正所謂「但凡未得到但凡是過去,總是最登對…」這個旅程究竟是緣是債,還是場夢……?


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